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Skitter is a children’s mobile toy that utilizes centrifugal force acting on gravity for self-propulsion.  It operates with simple maneuvers without batteries or a motor.  It converts these forces and motions into forward (and backward) motions.  The faster your body moves, the faster Skitter will travel.  Skitter’s design is simple yet unique and environmental friendly.  It is more than a toy for children, it is an exercise equipment!

The Skitter’s body is made of high quality PP (polypropylene) and ABS plastic making it safe, durable and light.  The steering post is made of steel to provide long wear.  All running wheels have double ball bearings to provide a smooth ride and durability.

Skitter has been awarded multiple patents in China.  It received the Gold Medal Prize in the toy category from The Hong Kong International Patent Technology Fair in 2001.  It has been approved by Chinese Toy Import and Export Test Center and its features meet U.S. and European safety standards.

Operating Instructions

Skitter is best used on level, smooth, hard surfaces, e.g. hardwood floor, tile, linoleum, concrete … etc.   After sitting on the Skitter, propel it by turning the steering wheel left and right.  Synchronizing your body in a left-right swinging motion will increase the speed.  The Skitter can reach a speed up to 6 miles per hour.


Weight:  8.36 lbs. (3.8 kgs)32” long, 13” wide and 16.5” tall.


1. Maximum carrying capacity is 180 lbs.
2. For riders age 3 and up.
3. Young riders should be supervised by an adult when operating the
4. Operate on level hard surfaces.
5. Do not operate on sloping area or rough surfaces.
6. Check that all bolts and nuts are properly installed before riding.


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