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 Special wheels

Turbo charge your Skitter™ with custom-manufactured polyurethane wheels !!

Part List

Description SKU # Price

Safety wheel (1), wheel only

skp001-06 1.00
Spare wheels (2 front, 2 rear), wheels only skp001-07 6.00
Safety wheels set (2 wheels & hardware) skp001-08 3.00
Steering wheel cap, red (1 6/16") skp001-09 1.00
Steering wheel cap, blue (1 9/16") skp001-10 1.00
Steering wheel cap, red (1 9/16") skp001-11 1.00
Installation kit for wheels skp001-13 6.00
Front wheel unit skp001-14 15.00
Steering wheel sko001-15 8.00
Foam sleeve for steering post skp001-19 2.00
Rear left leg with wheel skp001-21 8.00
Rear left leg without wheel skp001-23 6.00
Rear leg set (left & right) with wheels skp001-24 15.00
Rear leg set (left & right) without wheels skp001-24a 12.00
Rear wheel steel shafts (1) skp001-25 2.00
Rear wheel shaft white caps (4), PlasmaCar II skp001-26 6.00
Rear wheel shaft white caps (4) skp001-27 3.00
Seat (black) skp001-29 5.00

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