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These are the most common questions our customers ask about Skitter™.

1.  What is its age limit?
          We suggest age 3 and up.  The best age range is from 3 to 10. We had a 16 month old boy who can ride and steer very well. Some young customers under 3 years old who steer the Skitters and paddle with their feet.

2.  What is its weight limit?
          The weight limit is from 30 lbs up to 120 lbs. We had a customer who is close to 200 lbs, tried
Skitter™ on smooth concrete and on hardwood floor. It runs OK, but we won't recommend for riders over 120 lbs.

3.  Does Skitter™ run on concrete?
Skitter™ is best used on level, smooth, hard surfaces, e.g. hardwood floor, tile,   linoleum, concrete ... etc.  We found out that smooth concrete is the best.

4.  Does Skitter™ run on carpet?
Skitter™r won't run on carpet or any soft surfaces, because its wheels can not turn freely.

5.  Is Skitter™ for indoor or outdoor use?
Skitter™ can be used both indoor and outdoor. But be careful after it has been used outdoor, sand may stick to its wheels and may scratch the indoor hardwood, tile, linoleum, or any natural stone floor. Clean up and check no sand stick on the wheels before using it indoor. You may replace the wheels (with a set for indoor use only), which just take a few minutes with a 10 mm wrench. We sell set of spare wheels (2 fronts & 2 rears) at a very affordable price.

6.  Where can we get the spare parts and services?
          We service Skitters and stock all
Skitter™ parts. Skitter is build to last, but in case you need replacement parts or services, feel free to contact us. We will make arrangement and do our best to service your Skitter™.


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