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Turbo charge your Skitter™ with custom-manufactured polyurethane wheels!!

 We introduced these wheels sometime ago and to our pleasant surprise, the demand far exceeded our expectations and inadvertently created a shortage. 
Thank goodness, they are back!!  And  with more
colors to choose from!

The Benefits of Polyurethane Wheels:

bulletMore durable, capable of lasting through heavy usage.
bulletQuieter ride, smoother sailings even on rough surfaces, e.g. asphalt, due to the better shock absorption ability of the rubber-like material.
bulletDo not scratch or leave marks on your floors.
bulletBetter traction for all kinds of surface, e.g. laminated wood floor, marble, smooth tile … etc.

There are 4 wheels in each set.  Each wheel is fitted with double bearings to provide a lasting durability and a smooth ride.




  W006 - Green, Made in USA. $28.99


W007- Purple, Made in USA. $28.99                   W008- Yellow, Made in USA. $28.99


W009 - Green (yellow ctr). Made in USA. $28.99    W204 - Yellow wheels. $21.99



skp001-07 Black plastic wheels $6.00 (side view) skp001-07 Black plastic wheels (front view)


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